Green Summer Salad



Late summer is my favourite time of year for making salad. Everything in the garden is ripe to overflowing and you can whip up a salad like this in five minutes. Anything green will do: diced cucumbers, shredded rocket / basil / mint / any kind of lettuce, coriander leaves.. basically if you have it and it’s green and fresh then use it – the key is to have pieces small enough to easily eat so shredding or tearing them into the right size is important. This salad serves one, double or quadruple etc if you’re making for more people.



8 raw green beans chopped into 2 cm pieces

1/8 avocado chopped chunky

small handful of basil leaves shredded

6 mint sprigs, shredded

small handful of rocket

knob of blue cheese, crumbled

¼ cup tinned chickpeas

2 tbs pumpkin seeds

dressing: fresh lemon for squeezing, balsamic drizzle

garnish: rocket flowers/ borage flowers/ nasturtium flowers etc

himalayan salt and fresh ground pepper


Pile all ingredients into a bowl – except for the dressing and garnish – and toss loosely. Squeeze lemon juice and drizzle balsamic reduction over the top, season and apply floral garnish. Eat immediately.



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