Cafe Review

Popping in to Woodside Cafe for coffee with a colleague yesterday morphed into a three hour stint sitting outside with my laptop. The owner came outside to pat Mojo and had a chat about the food – everything on the menu is gluten free made lovingly on site.

The coffee is delicious and the brunch bruschetta I had was AMAZING. Buckwheat bread with hummus, spiced cauliflower, sauerkraut and coriander – as I was ordering the waiter said make sure you eat it with the chutney – which I did. Heaven.

Metro Magazine reviewed Woodside a few weeks ago – you can read their article here

People on the south side of the Harbour Bridge you need to try this place.

Oodles of free parking and it’s literally a hop skip and a jump from Ponsonby. Weekdays it’s the perfect place for a business breakfast / lunch. Weekends you can take a leisurely stroll through Le Roys Bush apres brunch and get a  dose of NZ rainforest – it’s just over the road.

Love Ali x

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