Cafe Review

Popping in to Woodside Cafe for coffee with a colleague yesterday morphed into a three hour stint sitting outside with my laptop. The owner came outside to pat Mojo and had a chat about the food – everything on the menu is gluten free made lovingly on site.

The coffee is delicious and the brunch bruschetta I had was AMAZING. Buckwheat bread with hummus, spiced cauliflower, sauerkraut and coriander – as I was ordering the waiter said make sure you eat it with the chutney – which I did. Heaven.

Metro Magazine reviewed Woodside a few weeks ago – you can read their article here

People on the south side of the Harbour Bridge you need to try this place.

Oodles of free parking and it’s literally a hop skip and a jump from Ponsonby. Weekdays it’s the perfect place for a business breakfast / lunch. Weekends you can take a leisurely stroll through Le Roys Bush apres brunch and get a  dose of NZ rainforest – it’s just over the road.

Love Ali x

Dates with Almond Butter

Dates have had a metamorphosis in recent years. Once an ingredient used in middle eastern and northern African cooking (absolutely amazing in lamb tagine) and something you put into scones, date loaf and sticky date pudding – dates are now widely celebrated as an alternative to sugar in healthy baking and raw movement. Their incredible sweetness and soft sticky texture makes them an easy replacement for processed sugar.


I saw these yesterday in a magazine and had to give them a go. I had an online presentation booked at 11.30am and finished making and taking photos of these just before it started. It took me less than five minutes to make four of them and less than five minutes to to scoff the lot! The salt adds a nice balance stopping them from being cloyingly sweet, giving them a salt caramel flavour.
Make these for when you feel like something sweet such as after a meal or to have with coffee – as an alternative to baking. Be aware dates are high in fructose so don’t eat too many if you’re being mindful of sugar intake.
Medjool or fresh dates
Almond Butter
Sea salt or himalayan salt
Carefully slice down the middle of each date without cutting right through. Open to remove the stone. Take a small amount of almond butter on the edge of a teaspoon or knife and smear into the gap before pressing the two sides together. Sprinkle with a teensy bit of salt. Eat!
*Dates are a good source of  calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium and zinc, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin A and vitamin K.
*One tablespoon of almond butter contains as much protein as you get from the same quantity of meat. It is also an excellent source of fiber, which helps digestion and nourishes tissues. Just one teaspoon of almond butter contains more than 25% of your daily requirement of Vitamin E.