Vulnerability. It’s Powerful


I have been watching reading and LOVING Brene Brown since discovering her a few years ago. She has a natural ability to come across as completely normal – which makes her so relatable and easy to listen to. Her genius cuts straight to the heart of every topic using every day language. A  witty storyteller with an insight into what makes people tick. Us tick.

She nails it.

Brene’s message that vulnerability is not something that we are raised to be resonates with me. A lot.

It is REALLY uncomfortable for me to be vulnerable, makes me feel out of my depth and out of control – it may be for you too.

“Vulnerability is not a weakness, and that myth is profoundly dangerous. Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” Brene Brown

I hope this TED talk about the power of vulnerability makes you FEEL empowered … and if you’ve seen it already, click below for another watch – it seems to get better every time.